The Magician

The magician

Originally I started to write articles in Portuguese for this blog, and I am thinking in write some article about occultism in another language cause many people that enter in this blog is from USA and get out cause the mother language is different.

What make the magician?

Well, he needs to control the four elements. But the control is not in literally word.

Each element is a symbol. Magician, wizard and witch works with symbol.

Fire mean action, yours feelings like energy, will, hot, and creation.

Water is passive, cold, emotions, fear, instinct, etc.

Air is the intellectual, thinking. The magician needs to control his thinking; he is the master of his mind.

Earth is the physical material, body.

When he get some dominate of this element, he is ready to dominate the nature.


There are many exercises to practice and dominate each element.

First you need to control your body. Sit comfortable and stay thus for 5 minutes. This is your will above your body, you are the master and not the body. You control your body!

When you get some evolution you will start dominate the element air. Sit comfortable and dominate your thinking. You will see that you do not have control of your mind, the thinking go and come quickly. Stop your mind and concentrate just one thing. Imagine a orange. Look for it (in your mind), look the color, texture, smell. Play with the orange in your mind. Assure it with your right hand and after with you left hand.

The mind is a problem to control, probability you will need more time to get success in this exercise.

The water is you feelings. You cry every day? You feel fear? Try to reflect about this feeling and try understanding why this happened.

The fire is energy, is the big will. Do exercise, do your will, change your routine, etc. Create is another symbol of fire, create something, write, paint, just make something that you can say: This is my creation.

That was the first Tarot’s Card: The Magician.

That was the basic of occultism, and this was to eliminate the wrong believe that occultism is The black magic, Baphomet, Devil… No! Of course that all of this exist inside of occultism, but there are many other thing!

When you impose your will, you are going to see that your life is better, the thing have color and the day is different. You will approach of the divine.

I hope that my English is not so bad and I hope that you understood this article.

Thanks so much.

Dark Night.