This book appeared about 1935 with unbelievable knowledge.  In this book there are knowledge about physical, our planet system, history (before Sumerian civilization, 6000 years BC) and another things, like, Who or What is God? The true and real God. In one of this196 documents there is one that treats of YHWH, the Hebrews God.

The book is divided in 4 books. The first book treats of Universe, God, energy, evolution etc. The book 2 is about a local universe that the planet Earth (Urantia) is inserted. The 3º is tell the wonderful Urantia History and finally the book 4 is about Jesus, who was Jesus and what he intended in this planet. There is 76 documents just about Jesus, his childhood, his adolescence, well, everything. The human will never find Jesus’ Body, never, the why is in Urantia Book.  

Well, the book throw the bible on the ground, because the book bring enlightening about many thing in old testament, like Eden Garden, Nephilin, archangels, angels, Noah and some greats personality as such as Enoch and Elias.

This book enlightening many confused part in the bible, about Adam and his wife. The life did not begun in this moment, that happened (according Urantia Book) but the life on Earth (Urantia) was in agreement with Darwin, evolution. Adam and Eva come to here for enhance the human civilization with another gene something like that.

Polemic discussion will be rose and connection with others greats books that tell us about human history as such as Old Testament and Enoc Book will be done.

No one is connected, no one that is human, no one man or woman got credit by write this book. But it was written, so, who did write it? Probably was a human, but the knowledge did not come from a human.

Brief will be post here by me news article about this splendid book with connection to past.


A slave’s Dark Night